Sin For A Sin

And…back to “the whore”…

Remember when I said I should have let it go, left it alone, controlled my temper, and been the better person? I should have, but I was pissed. I was tired of her messing with my life, and wanted her to be afraid I would mess with hers. Would I have? Maybe…

I was crazy and totally done with her, but I like to think I would have went on. I am pretty sure I made my point to both her and my husband the weekend of her leaving him a present. I was done with the games, and if need be I would fly to up north and take care of it in person…up close and personal.

I am a drama free, easy-going person, full of love and laughter…but I will to protect my family, go lady balls to the wall, “You wanna Play? I will show you how to Play” Crazy if you keep pushing. She kept pushing in her sneaky, whiny, whore way and I WAS DONE. I flat-out told my husband

“Decide the man you want to be TODAY… cause you can either let her games get to you, or you can choose to be the better man…I am done playing and if she keeps it up? I’m checking my sledge-hammer as my luggage and flying up there”

I went on to tell him how he had been a fool, okay I probably used “dumbs”, you have forgotten the man you are and lowered yourself to her level, and where she lives? The way she lives? I won’t live there, and I won’t allow my kids to live there, so either exorcise every part of her “nastiness” from your life…or be a fool who follows her around like a lap dog, cause that’s the kind of man she likes.

He had handled the whole gift giving incident right, but I was done with the drama. So either he fixed it or I would. He never wanted her back, as soon as the affair was discovered, the minute it was discovered he was done.

He underestimated her though, we both did. He felt sorry for her, had always felt sorry for her. She had bad friends who lead her astray, a bad family who made her make bad choices, and an ex-husband who treated her badly, these were the things he told me. She wasn’t the smartest thing but she wasn’t a bad person, just a weak person…I never, EVER, in my heart believed him, I just felt sorry for him because he couldn’t see the person she was…his eyes would be opened and yes, I got to say “I told you so”.

My husband after being lectured by me, came across a picture on Facebook of her ex-husband, looking the fool, grabbing a statue’s breasts while laughing, and my words rang in his ears. He printed it off, and put it in his desk, then anytime he started to feel bad for her? He would open his drawer and look, reminding himself “I don’t ever want to be that fool”. When he printed the copy off he made two mistakes…printing it off at work, and printing more than one copy.

The second copy ended up in the HR department, and he showed up to work the day before my birthday, to be told someone had went to HR and said they were being harassed, he would have to wait to return to work until the matter had been cleared up and parties interviewed. Her ex-husband had went to HR, I’m sure she had went to him with stories of being afraid of my husband, he had hurt her feelings and she decided to “cry wolf”. When HR finally interviewed my husband on my birthday, he was told “the whore” had admitted to the affair, but had confirmed they had always been professional while at work.

My husband told me everything would be fine, she probably felt bad by now and would let it drop, she really wasn’t a mean person she was just hurt. I can laugh now at how naive my husband was, how much he underestimated her need to pay him back for choosing me, for discarding her, for trying to be a husband and a father to us…his family.

Her story was changed yet again and she went crying to security about how my husband was harassing her…he had not talked to her or had any contact with her since November 7, except to say one word “Hi”. Truth and Right were not how she had ever lived her life. I think she knew I was a threat to her “new” toy, her ex-husband. I think she knew I was serious when I said I would tell him, tell the whole town, and I would tell it at the top of my voice screaming for the whole world to hear “You are a Whore” and she needed to silence me.

She needed my husband gone from their small towm…what if I came for a visit? What if I made friends in Valdez?  What if people talked to me, heard the whole story, not just her lies? She was desperate and had discovered a way to make us both go away. They weren’t listening at work though, my husband had been a great employee for 6 years, and they knew him. He was going to come back to work, unless she could figure out how to get him out permanently. And that’s where I leave you today…the rest of the story? What would ” the whore” do next? I had to wait a week…a very long week…to have the answer.

You will have to wait too…

“I remember vividly what that vision did to me
You laying with her in our bed
Love can be a tradgedy
When you do what you did to me
All I’m seeing now is red

I need to repent
A sin for a sin

Bible told me to forget
All those who trespass against
Tread their feet on sacred ground

Bad things come with consequence
What feels good, hurts in the end
Dont want to think about that now

I need to repent
A sin for a sin

Fire and brimstone
Dirt and a headstone
Bury them, baby
Along with your sins
Hear the thunder
Six feet under
Hit your knees
Wont do it again

Guilty pleasure
Ease the pain
Whisky runnin through my veins
Too late to save you now”

-Miranda Lambert-

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2 Responses to Sin For A Sin

  1. Stephanie says:

    You tease!!!!! Lol

  2. annasnow says:

    My office WHORE would even go thru hub’s phone and e-mails when he was out of his office, then turn everything around to benefit her poor, pitiful, ass. You can’t make these bitches up, they’re a breed all their own. A wife is a fool to ever think she can let her guard down. We want to think that women in these offices are honest and faithful like we are, but sad to say some are like roaches coming out of the woodwork. Yes, our husbands can say no, but if the offer was never made there would be no need for an answer……Taking me awhile to get thru your blog because I detour thru others, but you’re a great story(truth)teller. Wishing you peace.

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