Goodbye 2013…you really sucked!!

Lessons learned in 2013….

Forgivness is hard…hate is easy. (I’m working on forgiving, but I  let go of the hate.)

Love is a living breathing thing…and can die. (Treat it like it.)

Evil is real…and so are demons. (Don’t ever underestimate either one.)

Bad shit happens to good people…Good people do bad shit. (Hard to wrap your head around I know.)

Kids are the most resilient of all people…kids can break. (Don’t break the kids, it will break your heart.)

God puts people in your life for a reason…God removes people from your life for a reason. (Embrace the ones still in your life, and Thank God for removing the others.)

A broken heart can kill you…You can refuse to be killed. (But the healing from it is a bitch.)

Being crazy is scary…Knowing you are crazy means you are still sane. (Please don’t make me explain this one again.)

Letting go of someone so they can love someone else is possible…Letting go of true love is impossible. (I offered to let him go if he loved her,  but he wouldn’t let go of me.)

Some things can never be forgotten…sometimes unforgivable things can be forgiven. (You can’t make yourself forget, but you can decide to forgive.)

Everybody goes through bad stuff…you can either let it define you, or use it to find yourself. ( I found myself, and I didn’t even know I was lost.)

Happy New Year My Friends!!!!

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1 Response to Goodbye 2013…you really sucked!!

  1. limbiley says:

    Happy new year to you.

    I know you will bring more inspirational truths like these in 2014.

    It’s gonna be a great year.Lets do this.

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