So What

She should have walked away…

I gave her a chance, and she didn’t take it. After the trial my husband was so mad, he wanted to sue her for the false restraining order. He wanted paybacks and his reputation cleared. I told him…

“I’m tired, if she lets it go? We do too…” I was naive.

She refused to let it drop, and I was pissed. I knew it wasn’t going to end fair, she wouldn’t quit until she had her pound of flesh. I decided to swallow my pride and give it to her, but not from my husband, not from me (I had now lost 15 pounds and had none to spare)…she wanted it? I knew just whose fat ass I was gonna take it from…HERS.

In her need for revenge she never stopped to think (lord knows she wasn’t going to win a ‘Great Mind Of The Twentieth Century Award’ ever)”Did I Do Anything I Could Get Fired For?”

The answer? “Um yeah sweet cheeks…I do believe you have”

In her first couple days of blitzing me with emails and calls? She had sent them from her work computer, using her work email address, during her work hours, and called me from her work phone. I don’t work in the business world, I am only a stay at home mom, who raises kids and animals, but I was pretty sure her actions were a huge ‘No No’.

Contacting your ‘boyfriend’s’ wife? Sending her over 100 pages of emails? Sending her pictures of her kids? Sending her an email with her child’s cell phone number? Calling her over and over? Now that was harassment…and I was a woman, a victim, and she was the crazy bully.

For the first time I embraced my ‘victim’ status and made a call to the HR department she had been using to get my husband transferred. Funny thing was ‘the whore’ had made sure they knew of the affair, but hasn’t told them of the contact she had with me.

Game on…

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