The Show Must Go On

She was so sure she had won she never saw it coming…

My husband was down south waiting to hear from his company/looking for a new job. They could have offered him President and a million dollar salary and he wouldn’t have returned, but if he quit he knew she would keep her job. I was finally given a chance to have my say, and I let them know of her contact. I cried my victim status loud and proud, I had been watching a master at work and used her lessons well.

To be a proper victim? Be weak, be scared, and always be on the verge of tears…of feeling sick from the unwanted drama. Did I lie? No I didn’t go there, wouldn’t go there, I told the truth…just in a different voice. There is a time for being “I am Kelly, hear me roar” and a time for being “The stay at home mom of four children, who found her whole world destroyed by a crazy whore”. Both are in me, but I embrace one and use her strength to pull me out of the dark. The other? I hate that weak bitch and every single bit of pity people felt for her.

Letting her out left a bad taste in my mouth, but I knew if I went in strong I would be seen as the attacker. Funny isn’t it? She tries to ruin my family, steal my husband, ruin my husbands career and if/when I finally got mad? People felt sorry for her, men wanted to save her. One of my guy friends told me a couple of months ago…

“You’ve never been a girl I thought needed saving”

Best compliment ever, I would rather drown in my own tears than ever ask for help. I’ve been known to hurt myself working on the farm, rather than admit something was too heavy or big for me to handle. I’m stubborn and hard-headed but I had never, ever needed saving. Admitting to being the victim? Using it and pity to make people listen to me? It went against everything I stood for, and hurt the little bit of pride I had left…

But it worked…

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