Revenge is a dish best served cold…

It is always cold up north in the winter, so it wasn’t hard to serve up my dish cold. After eating ‘shit pie’ served by ‘the whore’? It was a happy day when she sat in her office gorging herself on the sweet pie of her success, thinking she had won, and as she went to take a bite…something was greasy and chewy.  At first she thinks it might be coconut, so she chews a little longer and moves it around in her mouth. The pudding is gone from the piece and she spits it out in her hand. She looks at it and picks at with her nail, slowly the truth of what’s in the pie hits her…she digs frantically through the pie with her fork. Finally her claims of feeling sick are true, and she vomits over and over in the trash can. As she leans over her shirt comes up, revealing not only fat rolls but a section of flesh gone from her ass. She wanted her pound of flesh, and it was grated up and served to her, cold in a pie of paybacks.

My husband was let go by his company, we were prepared for this and had been waiting. The only reason he didn’t quit? I wanted life to be fair…just for one stinking time, I wanted her to get what she deserved, to be taught a lesson. I wanted her lies and acting the victim to finally bite her in the ass. To be totally honest? I wanted paybacks for the shit she did to me…not to my husband but to me. I wanted for her to cry real tears for the first time, and to know I had been responsible. 


We found out two days later in a text from a friend, justice had finally came along. It might be like happiness and take its own sweet time, but if you hang in there and pray, and do what’s right? You might just find both. I was told ‘the whore’ had been let go…escorted from her office by security as she bawled…I wish I had been there to see it, to smile at her with a wink as she was walked by. I settled for knowing it was finally, completely done. Really this time it was over, except for the random picture I get of her, showing her rapid weight gain and still slutty clothes, our paths were done crossing. 


My husband still fears she isn’t done…she will pop up someday crazy and start again. I know she’s done, her part in my story is done, she might be mentioned in passing, on my bad days, until a day comes and she’s thought of no more…She meant nothing to my husband, just a shame he carries in his heart. She was a demon who tormented me for four months of my life, a whore to my husband for two years and has been a whiny voice in my head for fifteen months…My payback? It was minor compared to what she knowingly with malice did to me and my children…but it felt good. And if I could say one last thing to her? I wish it was insightful, and mature…It’s not

“Nanny nanny boo boo…stick your ugly head in doo doo!!! I won…”





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