Because Of You

Look Mom No Whore…No More

Seems kind of weird to be done with ‘that’ part of my story, to have told, explained, and wrote everything that needed to be said on the subject of ‘the whore’ and her side kick ‘bat shit crazy’. I am oddly at peace with nothing left to say…who the hell am I kidding I always have something left to say.

If I could leave a short note to ‘the whore’ it would say this…

“Grow up and stop playing the victim. Stop blaming others for your horrible choices. Stop using men, like your ex-husband and figure your life out. Be a mom your girls can respect. Be a stinking family and stop always looking for better or easier, life is hard get tough. Leave other people’s families alone, respect marriage. Don’t chase other women’s husbands. Stop lying, stop cheating, stop being a whore…people are only going to treat you with the respect you deserve. You want to stop being viewed as a whore? Close your legs, and be a decent woman. Stop enjoying people’s pity, stop being a drama queen, stop…Stop…STOP!! And don’t ever mess with my family again…EVER. Don’t ever think of my husband, my children or me. I’m not the broken woman I was a year ago, I’m stronger now, so if I beat you while broken? What would happen if you messed with me now…wobbly but walking…hurt but healing…it wouldn’t end well. So keep on walking, you don’t want none of this.”

The End…

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