My husband has taken over my farm chores since he moved home. He expects nothing from me, and will argue if I help. I feel bad sometimes because he gets overwhelmed, between work and the farm. He complains because the kids don’t help like they should, they don’t do the chores right, or they expect him to do too much. Sometimes I bite my tongue till it bleeds, and argue with angry Kelly in my head.

“He’s just tired” I tell her.

“He’d better shut up!!” she screams.

“Calm down, he is just venting..” I plead with her.

“NOOO!!!” is all I hear and she takes over.

“Oh I get it,” she tells him with a bitter smile,” Trust me I do.”

He looked over surprised at the support, yet he sensed something in her voice. “I’m just saying they need to help more…” he quietly says and walks towards her. I want to warn him, to yell at him to run…”RUN!!!” but ‘Angry Kelly’ puts her hand over my mouth, and squeezes in warning. I love my husband, but I’m not going to mess with ‘Angry Kelly’ even for him, that bitch be scary.

“Did you ask them to help this morning?” she asks sweetly.

I see him look relieved at her being nice, and he answers honestly, while I shake my head waiting for her to strike.

“No they were in the house f**king around while I was doing chores!!!” he answered getting mad again while he remembered.

She laughed, and I watched his eyes widen as he finally realized who he was talking to, and it wasn’t the same ‘Kelly’ who offered to help with chores because he was sick.

“Yeah it must suck to be doing chores while ‘someone’ is f**cking around…trust me I know how it feels. It sucks to be feeding and shoveling shit while the other person is f**cking around!!! Excuse me if I get the irony of you complaining of them f**cking around while you are working…” She says it all with an angry smile on her face.

“I just meant…I’m sorry? I was…umm…Sorry??” he stumbled trying to find words.

I felt sorry for him, even though I agreed with her. I took a deep breath and let it out, expelling her and the hate. He hugged me and I felt his relief as I hugged him back.

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8 Responses to Ironic

  1. brokenjoan says:

    We all go a little crazy sometimes, I can go from angel to devil in seconds! But hey that’s the woman him & his whore created & I’m not going to apologize for her!

  2. pabloswife says:

    LOL… we all have those moments and if they weren’t so heartbreaking they’d actually be really funny!! Sometimes I say exactly what I’m thinking and other times its enough just to say it in my head. Don’t get me wrong, I quite like to see the horror on his face when he realizes what he’s just said… like the other day when he got our 3 year olds snot on his hand and was horrified and I shot back with… ” she’s your child for fuck sake, you had no such problems ramming your tongue, dick and fingers in some whore’s cunt and down her throat!!” The look of horror on his face was priceless.

    Wife – 1
    Cheating bastard husband – 0

  3. jules kiwita says:

    you go girls——–girl power yes——lets teach them who is in charge now—-oh poor bastards—-lol

  4. Must have been Snarky Day because I had a moment this morning!

  5. kitkat says:

    Let the healing begin………….I loved your comment: “He hugged me and I felt his relief as I hugged him back.” Because isn’t that why we are all still here? To have healing.

  6. Living Hell says:

    I’m 2 months in- I’m in the crazy stage the up and down crying fighting lunatic stage. It’s so fucking hard. One breath I want my husband out! Gone! The next breath I’m worrying if the OW is still texting and calling. In my case I knew her.. She was in my home we has dinners together so it’s much harder. There are days when I wish he would die just to make it easier. How does a man risk it all??? Why am I still here? WTF am I trying to fix? Today I woke up positive I’m just waiting for something to set me off and I’m back to crazy women mode again. I promised myself I needed to take care of me. I need to be fixed before I can try and fix my marriage. Love your blog I’m addicted. You have been my strength each day and I thank you.

    • Two months out? I wasn’t functioning…I’m now two and a half years out and still have bad days, but I am healing. Those first few months all you can do is survive. In my opinion (and please remember I’m just a blogger, a nobody giving advice) you shouldn’t make any decisions in the first year. Year two is when enough healing, enough of the dust has cleared, and you’ve calmed enough to make decisions.With that being said…all of that is only if your husband has quit, broke off the affair, and is honest. Only if he is helping you heal, understands he has a LOT of work to do…if he doesn’t or hasn’t? Please kick him to the curb, hire a lawyer and move on.

      Hugs to you my sweet broken friend…I hope you find healing

  7. brokenjoan says:

    To Living Hell, Kelly gives good advice, like she said it’s not because she’s a blogger, it’s because she is going thru it herself! It’s been two and a half years for me also & a trigger can still hurt, but it’s going to take sometime before you even want to survive, but hang in there, it may not feel like it now, but you will want to survive with or without your husband, that day will come, it’s the highway from hell, but a lot of us are on it & have felt the same way you do now, but we’re still here fighting the good fight! But again Kelly is right, without your husband giving up the ow, taking responsibility for what he has done & doing everything he can to help you, it just won’t work! And last but not least, it is not your fault, remember that! So sorry for your pain….hang in there it does get better! Hugs from Joan

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