I had extras the last five days, I always seem to…I attract crazies and kids…what does that say about me?

3-10 extra kids on any given day, this weather extended weekend. Some would flutter in and out, others stayed the whole time, and it made chaos. I thrive in chaos, the messes, never-ending laundry, and extra-large family meals. They took over my house and drifted to the kitchen. I was never alone in the kitchen, as first the counter, then our table filled. Conversations ranged from life problems to remember when’s? It helps heal them and me. I give advice they provide the laughter.

I have been told I have no right to give advice to ‘other people’s kids’…I have been made fun if for being a friend to kids…I don’t care, most people’s lives would be better if they opened their kitchens and actually listened to kids. Yes, my ‘kids’ are 15-21 years old, and aren’t perfect. They are struggling with growing up and I’m watching them make hard choices.

I listen as I’m cooking and offer ‘Kelly advice’ which means it’s not sugar-coated, and is sometimes inappropriate (laughter heals a hurt), but they always know it comes from my heart. Advice given this weekend? “You always have to put your kids first…period”, “You can’t carry the hate around with you, it’s not fair to you”, and “Breastfeeding will help you get skinny faster”, “You should let me pick out your girlfriend, I know exactly what you need”, “You can’t fix crazy” and a million other words of wisdom.

It was a long five days and they will all be back again this weekend. I have to get the house cleaned and the fridge restocked, my extras are bringing extras with them.

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2 Responses to Home

  1. pabloswife says:

    Sounds to me as tho you need to spend the rest of the week recovering before they descend upon you all over again 🙂

    I’m sure they all love the Kelly advice you dish out! Keep on dishing Miss Kelly 🙂

  2. brokenjoan says:

    Sounds like fun, just what all of us need in our lives right now! XO Joan

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