We have a pretend puppy right now, and it’s great.

She is a real live puppy, but she’s just temporary. We are getting to have fun with her, cuddle with her, and do puppy things without having to do any of the hard work. We had a couple litters of puppies and all of them are outside or in new homes but her. She is the runt of the litter so we kept her inside, and she is getting a lot of attention. We are not having to teach her anything or potty train her because she won’t be staying it will be her owners problem. In the mean time we are just having fun spoiling her.

Made me think of ‘the whore’ and the lure of an affair. It must have been fun having a pretend relationship, one which was disposable, and fun. There wasn’t any responsibilities or future so they got to have a lot of laughs. No kids, no bills, no real life, just dinners, sex and email fights when they got mad. She didn’t get attention because she was anything special but because she just happened to be there. She didn’t have to be house broke because he knew she wasn’t staying. She would beg and bark to get him to pay attention, and he would. When she acted like a bitch he would just put her outside, because he had nothing invested in her. He didn’t worry about where she was going and what other dogs were sniffing around because he knew in the end he would tire of her, and send her to a new home.

I love the puppy in our house, and I am going to be careful about who is special enough to be her forever owner. I want her to be happy and loved…if my husband had ever loved ‘the whore’ I think he would have worried about what became of her the night he broke up with her. I’m letting my favorite puppy go because I know I can’t give her what she needs, the kind of time and attention she deserves. I already have 3 dogs, and she would get lost in the chaos at our house. It will break my heart to watch her go, but she will go because I love her. When you love something you want the best for it, even at your own expense. Puppies are so much fun but some of the magic is gone once they become your responsibility. It takes work to be a good dog owner, the training, the walking, the feeding, and bathing…you have to be invested, or you end up with an ordinary bitch instead of a good dog.

Nobody wants to be stuck with a bitch.

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3 Responses to Bingo

  1. Ryan says:

    You can always save her for me 🙂

  2. Brilliantly written! Brilliant!
    …everything cracks…its how the light gets in

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