Tiptoe Through the Tulips

I read other blogs about betrayed spouses.

Sometimes I cry for them, other times I laugh and cheer, by reading them I don’t feel alone. In my real world I feel alone. I feel like everyone else’s life is from a frigging tampon commercial and they are skipping through their daisy filled life. I guess mine is more like tip toeing through the tulips because I have to try to miss all the blood splattered flowers.

I like not feeling alone, maybe it’s the whole ‘misery loves company’ thing, but I don’t think so. I think it’s scary being insane and I like knowing others are my kind of crazy. If we are all crazy together it’s more of a club less of an intervention meeting, where it ends with you being locked up. It’s a new age book club for up and coming writers.

I bet sometimes my husband wishes I had decided to write children’s books about my daughter’s adventures. I know sometimes it’s probably hard for him knowing a lot of people who live in our town have read my blog. I feel bad for him, I do…then I remember it was HIS choices which led me to this path. I didn’t wake up one day and say…

“Hey I’m going to make up a story about my husband screwing a fat whore”

I wish I was writing about Lou while skipping through a daisy filled world.

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10 Responses to Tiptoe Through the Tulips

  1. bmxmomma says:

    Every family….Every marriage has its issues. Mine is definetly not like a tampon commercial. I have not met anyone with the perfect marriage or life….When I do I’ll ask lots of questions and take pages of notes!!! Now onto the Lou books…..PLEASE write them!!!!!

    • Patience my sweet friend Laney books are on my agenda but we all know how my last fairy tale went ๐Ÿ™‚ hopefully my next attempt is a happy one without cussing or whores…then of course if its Laney’s adventure cussing might happen.

  2. pabloswife says:

    Just remember Kelly, just because they look like they’re skipping thro the tulips, we know thro personal experience, that no one knows what goes on behind closed doors. Their husbands may well be screwing whores or they themselves may have found a virile farm hand to screw!! I used to think that life was pretty good, that we were living the dream. Little did I know I wasn’t the leading lady!!!

    At least your skeletons are out of your closet and you know each and every one of them. So many unsuspecting wives and husbands have no idea their spouses are out fucking whores!!

  3. I’m fed up of going on facebook or twitter or hearing conversations in work about how wonderful peoples husbands/wives are, the special weekends away theyve shared together, baby announcements, weddings….I just want to tell them all to shut up because it’s like rubbing salt in the wound constantly! I don’t mean that I don’t want others to be happy but I just feel so alone, I want to have what they’ve got…what I used to have!!

    • pabloswife says:

      I hear you!! But I’m just as guilty!! I post on FB that we’ve had a great weekend away or that I love my husband but he still fucked a whore. Those people posting gushing comments on FB may well be going thro some shit too. If 50% of MM have cheated, there’s a whole lot of unsuspecting wives out there. Just wish my husband had been in the 50% that decided to keep his dick in his pants and talk to his wife!!

  4. brokenjoan says:

    Don’t we all wish we had what we use to have, unfortunately we can’t unknow what we now know & our husbands can’t unfuck their whores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

  5. julesedison says:

    So many times friends will say what a great marriage we have; how much fun our family has. I feel like such a killjoy when I say that you do know we have our warts too. It’s not always like that. I feel obligated to remind them. I’m not sure I would have been so conscious of it before. It just seems dishonest. We do have a much stronger marriage, and our family does have fun, but at a huge cost.

  6. Living Hell says:

    It’s so good to know that everything you mention in your blog I am going through it makes me feel sane in this crazy fucked up world I’m in now. Today I woke up with strength like I could take on the world tomorrow I have no idea I just maybe crying on the bathroom floor listening to ” fire meet gasoline” by Sia reminds me of my husband and the whore princess coming together. You guys must hear it! It’s a song that will make you sing in your car it’s crazy ass therapy for me.

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