Pictures of You

Lou and I

I wrote a post the other day and I realized, most of you ‘my readers’ only know me from my blog.

The picture is me and Lou aka ‘Laney, Boo, my daughter’. I have been very open, refusing to hide in the dark because of the affair, and yet my blog was faceless. I never posted a picture of myself…I guess maybe out of fear.

I have been struggling with posting any pictures of me or my kids. It makes it real, no take backs, when you put your face on a blog.

Affairs are something most people only see on TV. It’s dealt with behind closed doors, and the victims aren’t seen or heard from. If I’m going to be on my blog screaming my story for the world to hear, let’s give the victims a face.

Ugg I just referred to myself as a victim. I’m going to go wash my mouth out.

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23 Responses to Pictures of You

  1. pabloswife says:

    Ah what great picture of you two!! A real couple of cuties. Are you sure you’re the same Kelly that can wrestle a pig to the ground??

    And you are by no means victim Kelly! You are a warrior. You fought that can-can whore and won!! And look at your prize… she’s a beauty just like her mama 😀

    • A pair of muck boots and my old ball cap and I can wrestle a pig, or shovel poop 🙂 Now Lou prefers to do it in a tutu and heels.

      I did win, I still have my family, and my stubborn, hot headed,mouthy, beautiful daughter always by my side.

  2. ashestoohope says:

    You are not a victim you are a survivor!!!

  3. Confused Wife says:

    Two very beautiful ladies xx

  4. Maria says:

    Beautiful photo!

  5. Just gorgeous! Out and proud 🙂 xo

  6. You and your daughter are beautiful!

  7. Proud of you my friend! Gorgeous mama and daughter photo. YOU are a warrior. It may not feel like it every day, but you have won and you will continue to throw the shit down and win every time.

  8. Katie says:

    You are brave! This is very admirable.

    • Thank you my sweet friend, I am hoping I made the right decision (we never know do we?) Some would call it reckless but now at least you can picture me when I tell my story. I hope I didn’t ruin it for you…like when Hollywood makes a book into a movie and the image of the character in your head is ruined 🙂

      People often underestimate me because I look sweet, and because I’m tiny 5’2″ and 95lbs (thanks to the affair diet) but trust me I’m still ‘Crazy Kelly’

  9. brokenjoan says:

    Oh Kelly,what a beautiful picture of you & your little “Boo”. After seeing you we now know your husband didn’t cheat because he had an ugly wife, LOL! What was his problem! Thanks for posting the picture, it’s nice to have a face to go with the words, but you certainly don’t look the part of “crazy Kelly”. XO Joan

  10. patti says:

    You are as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. Your gorgeous little girl is lucky to have you as her momma!

  11. You are absolutely fierce! Fierce I say! Love it!!

  12. k says:

    I’m lost I thought u said u had been married 20 yrs ? U look so young?

    • Lol Thank You!! But if you are being serious 🙂 yes I’ve been married twenty years, I’m forty. I wrote on one of my blogs about having good genetics? My looking young is a result of those.

  13. Chloe says:

    I’m really proud of you for not being shamed by someone else’s behavior!

    I see a lot of blogs that talk about bringing affairs “into the light” but they will only name the offending affair partner- while their own spouse gets to hide in anonymity. Posting someone’s full name and their photos online as the home-wrecker sounds hypocritical (and vengeful) to me.

    A morally consistent person would not reveal any personally identifying information or only share the details of their stories. A coward shines a light in others while he (or she) sits in the dark.

    So again, I really appreciate your courage!

    • Thank you…I don’t judge other ‘recovering from affair’ blogs, everyone heals differently. If I had wrote my blog right after instead of a year later I might have called her out by name. I don’t because of my kids, not because she deserves any privacy. If ‘the whore’ wants her side and details told? She can write her own blog…Most betrayed spouses have morals they just also have anger, and they aren’t cowards otherwise they would have tucked tail and ran when shit hit the fan and life got hard.

  14. Personally I feel that if you involve yourself in an affair, you get what you get. And that may well mean being called out by name. If our circumstances were different?j I might have blogged as well, and named both my husband AND his whore. Neither of them “deserve” to be protected from the consequences of their choices. THAT was MY choice, as I (and my kids) are the ONLY innocent parties here. No judgement here either. Everyone must do what is right for their OWN healing. Cheating spouses and their affair partners gave up their rights to privacy and respect when they defiled their marriage vows and deceived their families.

  15. brokenjoan says:

    Grace, I totally agree with you on this one, anyone engaging in an affair has given up their rights. Why shouldn’t they be called out on it, aren’t we entitled to a little bit of revenge. Chloe am I to understand we wives are not being morally consistent if we reveal Information about our husbands’ affair partner? I think you’re projecting moral inconsistencies on the wrong people here! Just saying! Of course that’s just my opinion.

  16. 1myr says:

    What a sweet picture. You and your “mini me” are gorgeous.

  17. Poppy says:

    Beautiful picture…..

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