The Church on Cumberland Road

I’m going to a wedding this weekend…my first since D-day.

My oldest son is the best man, he has been best friends with the young man since he was 5. We as a family have known the bride and groom since they were born. It’s a small  town remember?

If I didn’t love these two I’d skip it, but for the ones we love we do hard things….at least I do. I have no use for cowards and I will watch these two say “I Do”.  They love each other, so it will be easier to watch. Me being me, I already threatened them both.

“Be good to each other or I’ll kick your asses…cheat on one another and I’ll pluck you bald…” 

I was tipsy, Bloody Mary’s and an empty stomach make me honest and blunt.

I’m glad I got it off my chest, I’m sure they preferred the lecture in our barn instead of at their wedding. 

They are babies, and they are getting married. I will be there helping with the reception, handing out cake with my future daughter in law. If I cry it will be for joy, they love each other and are getting married…if I cry it will be because a long time ago I felt the same way. 

My hope for them? Happily Ever After…



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15 Responses to The Church on Cumberland Road

  1. ashestoohope says:

    Good for me! I have one this weekend but I am cowardly skipping it. Can’t do it. Too soon!

    • It’s been 16 months since D-day, and it’s my oldest son’s best friend, who is one of my ‘kids’. If it was anyone else I’d probably be ‘sick’.

      I think there comes a time in recovery where you have to start facing the hard stuff, I’m at that point. You just need more time to heal.

  2. pabloswife says:

    I don’t have a wedding to go to but I really don’t think I’d mind. I still believe in love, I still believe in marriage and I still believe in happy-ever-after. Mine has just taken a “bit” of a knock, but I still believe I’ll be married to my husband for the rest of my life… unless he cheats again, in which case I’ll be wearing an orange jumpsuit for the rest of my life and shacking up with a butch lesbian on G block because I’ll be doing life in the slammer for killing his sorry ass!!!

    • I don’t plan on getting caught if mine cheats again 🙂 but if so save me a bunk on G block, I’m sure I’d end up as somebody’s ‘old lady’ and by then I might have given up on men totally.

      I just don’t want to giggle hysterically when the ‘Forsaking all others’ part is said.. Or to start punching my husband who will be sitting beside me. I don’t know what I believe in anymore…Marriages between ‘happy’ couples I know end up falling apart and the ones who openly fight stay together…is there a ‘Happy ever after’ ?

      • pabloswife says:

        Take a taser, and tase his sorry ass when they get to that part 🙂 Or maybe just a pin, a small insignificant pin… that’d hurt plenty 😉

        Have a fun day at the wedding!

        PS… hope I don’t meet ya on G Block some day… but then you do have all those pigs LOL!!

  3. I think there is DEATH ever after and probably taxes! Happy is yet to be determined for me! I am still going to have that talk about what ifs and marriage ups/downs with my boys and their future wives. Real, honest to goodness honesty.

    Curious if any of your respective spouses asked for a vow renewal? Not that it would solve/fix anything, but wondering if they have asked about it, thinking it’s what you want and need to heal?

    • pabloswife says:

      My husband mentioned it pretty early on. It was something we’d, maybe I, had talked about in the past. When he mentioned it after D Day, I told him that I had not broken my vows, I had none to renew, but if, and when, he was ready, it was something I wouldn’t be averse to. I would like to get new wedding rings at some point, when we are ready to recommit. Ours are tainted now, tainted by pit faced whore!

    • Mine has suggested everything from wedding vows renewed to another baby…my answer to both is no. I didn’t break my vows, he did. The vows he took didn’t mean shit the first time, why the hell would I want to hear him say them again? As for a baby I would never have another with him, his ‘girlfriend’ referred to Lou as a ‘fix it’ baby, meaning we only had her to try and fix our marriage…if I had another those words would ring in my ears every time I looked at it (plus I’m old).

      He has offered a new wedding ring I laughed at him…I will never wear one from him again…maybe I’ll get a mothers ring and wear it on my ring finger. My kids are the only people who I trust with my heart 🙂

      Feeling a little bitter today, might be nerves as I head to the wedding…my future daughter in law will be sitting next to me so I don’t stab him with a plastic fork.

      • I’m a wait and see kind of gal. But, I do think if we are going to make this really last, he better cough up something pretty grand. Honestly, it’s not about the rings. It’s about making a new promise. I have a new marriage and a new husband, in many respects. I’d like to see if he wants to honor our new marriage with a marriage commitment.

        Like I said…I’ll wait and see if it’s a possibility.

      • I can see your strength shining through! I’m a believer that we heal together or we heal apart – but one way or another – we heal.
        It’s the betrayed spouses responsibility to decide which option occurs. Time won’t be waiting around for him to make up his mind – and neither should the healing process.

        I’m glad your feeling better – enjoy the moment and soak it it.

  4. Nephila says:

    I am kind of hoping my daughter and son don’t have weddings. I don’t think I could stand it.

  5. brokenjoan says:

    To answer tempteds’ question, yes one of the first things my husband wanted to do was renew our vows, but just like Pabloswife said I didn’t break my vows so I have nothing to renew. As for happy ever after, maybe it is for the couples where one of them didn’t cheat, but I can never have that now! While it may be a joke about G block, I have often felt I could kill both of them, but I felt death was too good for them, especially my husband, who will be paying for this the rest of his life one way or the other! XO Joan

  6. brokenjoan says:

    I also don’t wear my wedding rings anymore, I haven’t since Dday, & I have no plans to ever wear them again!

  7. Joan, it’s so sad to never want to wear your wedding rings again, isn’t it? 😦 Fully understand. xo

    • brokenjoan says:

      Yes shatteredwife, it is so very sad, but it feel as though I would be living a lie if I wore them now, to me it’s like we are not married anymore, the vows are broken! The only difference is I don’t have a court document with final divorce decree, stamped across the top! I know you understand all too well, thank you. XO Joan

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