Bad Case of Loving You

I read a blog the other day, rolled my eyes, cried “Bullshit, urban legend” and clicked off of it.

I kept thinking of it though and finally I googled (google queen remember?), and I found out I don’t know everything. The blog was about infedility and it’s subject was about how you can physically have a broken heart from discovering an affair. I love the blogger, she is usually short, sweet, and to the point…something I’m not…and I can read her blog in a couple of minutes. She’s funny too, so I get a kick out of her. She uses the word Nobber (if you want to know what it means check her out) and it made me think maybe I should start using it too. Go see her at “A confused wife’s honest Blog”, it’s worth the visit.

Any who…I said she was short, sweet, and to the point, me I tend to ramble…she was right and I was wrong. You can actually die of heartbreak, it’s not just in Fairy Tales. Reading up on it, was scary, and it explained a lot. Google ” Can heartbreak kill you” and there is article after article on the subject.

How is it explained? After we find out about the affairs we stop…we stop eating and sleeping. Some drink more and start using drugs to numb the pain. If you smoke, you start smoking like a chimney. We have intense psychological stress which increases our heart rate, blood pressure, and clotting…Yea!!! We are all now ripe for a heart attack. If you don’t have one? Not to worry, you will still be first in line to get every single sickness/virus you come in contact with, because your body is in shitty shape.

I used to be a healthy person, I NEVER got sick. I could catch my kids puke in one hand, while making my breakfast and still walk away healthy. Just this last winter? I had the stomach flu 3 times and flu 2 times…and severe head colds. I didn’t think anything about it until now, and now I’m slightly pissed. I’d really like to swab my ass next round of the stomach flu and send “the whore” some truffles from a secret admirer…just to share the fun. She could stand to lose a couple pounds…speaking of which.

I took my youngest son clothes shopping the other day, he needed some new shirts, and it was fun discovering what he now likes to wear as a teenager. On the way out of the store I stopped to look for me a pair of shorts. He watched as I hunted for my size, and I finally gave up.

“What size do you wear?” he asked.

” A zero, but some brands make their zero’s too big…” was my reply.

“Holy Hell!! Do they make clothes that little?” he exclaimed shocked.

 “Yes,” I smiled at him” They are just hard to find.  I lost 20 lbs this last year Bub”

“I know,” was his reply, but I could tell as he looked at me he was actually seeing it for the first time.

I see it sometimes…On my good weeks I’m a whopping 100lbs, on my ‘bad’ weeks I sink to 95lbs. At the height of my depression I was 89lbs, and I got scared, forcing myself to eat. I see wrinkles that weren’t there before, my two grey hairs multipled like crazy, and most days I don’t have the energy to do half of what I used to get done before breakfast. Has the affair taken a toll on my health? Absou frigging loutly!!! It has changed me mind, body and soul…

You can actually die of a broken heart…who would have thunk it?

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9 Responses to Bad Case of Loving You

  1. brokenjoan says:

    I have always heard people say he or she died of a broken heart after a spouse died, I never gave it a thought one way or another, other than thinking it sounded sad or even romantic, like the story I just read about a couple being married for 70 years dying within a day of the other, and I can’t believe it now, but the first thing I thought after reading the story was, ” I wonder if he ever cheated on her.” I have become so jaded about everything these days, but that’s what betrayal does to a person, at least that’s one of the many ways it has changed me. That being said, even though I didn’t die from a broken heart, I felt as though I was going to, especially right after I found out! I also read the blog you are referring to by confused wife, I even ask her to explain to me what nobber meant, if you haven’t already check it out, her definition was so funny, I told her nobber was now my second favorite word here in affairville, but most days fuck wins out! LOL

  2. Confused Wife says:

    Thank you both for making me smile on a really shitty day love ya xxx

  3. Confused Wife says:

    I was very sceptical like you wh I read the article and like you Googled ‘dying of a broken heart’ and wished I hadn’t 😦 I am now a firm beliver that ant stress we encounter in our lives as a physical manifestation within our bodies and leaves a scar.
    Bloody scary.
    I’m so glad Nobber has caught on 😀
    Joan I’m thinking you should combine both and go for

    • pabloswife says:

      Fucking Nobber??? That’s awesome! I LOVE it 😀

      But seriously… dying of a broken heart, how sad. How dreadful that 2 complete assholes have the ability to do that to someone else. To actually be the cause of their demise because they were too fucking selfish to keep it in their pants. Fucking Nobbers!!

  4. bamboozled1 says:

    I have a funny reason for believing it, but I do, heh, although that story was rather extreme….

    I had a dog die when we were kids, tetanus… his friend, also our dog obviously… Pretty much just laid down and, one day a few months later… Didn’t get up… And that’s what they said, she died of a broken heart…

    Sometimes elderly couples often leave almost together… But I think that’s when they don’t have much of a life besides each other…

  5. brokenjoan says:

    Confused wife, what a wonderful idea, FUCKING NOBBER , it is from now on!!! XO joan

  6. Sure can. I developed a cardiac arrhythmia after he left from the muscle tissue breakdown (20 lbs in two weeks). The body can shut down from the trauma. Scary stuff.

  7. thenarcissistwrites says:

    That’s pretty crazy.

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