Voices in my Head

I Hate It When The Voices In My Head Go Silent…
I Never Know What Those Fuckers Are Planning…”

Sorry for the f bomb but when I saw this quote the other day I knew I had to share. At first I just laughed, and then I said “Amen Sister!!”. So…

Here’s to all of the crazy people out there like me, may your voices never go totally silent. I hope you always find laughter, even in your pain. I wish for you an inner light to lead you through your darkest times. I pray you find peace in the chaos of your life. Never feel bad for being different, we are all different, but only a few are brave enough to scream it at the top of their lungs and celebrate it for all to see. When your world starts spinning, dance in the kitchen with your cat. When storms roll into your life, laugh and stomp in the mud puddles with your kids. And when everything in your life goes to Hell? Have a bonfire and burn all the shit that’s making you feel bad.

Sometimes we all have to decide to embrace our ‘imperfections’ and say ” So Frigging What!!! I’m crazy and I LIKE IT!! I’m not perfect, and neither are you…so lets all stop pretending and be crazy together!!”

Crazy loves crazy, and I love all of you my crazy, screwed up, fighting to survive, crawling through the dark readers…

Hugs and Love from the voices in my head.

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3 Responses to Voices in my Head

  1. brokenjoan says:

    Kelly it’s not when the voices in my head go silent that scares me, it’s when they whisper at 3 am!!!

  2. Let’s form a crazy union! Norma Ray! Haha

  3. eg0ground0 says:

    This was so nice to read today considering I was just called a crazy bitch. I guess I am a crazy bitch and guess why guy (meaning my husband) because you are cheating on me and have been for years! If I had been an unfaithful, lying, jerk you would be a little crazy too.

    But you’re right, crazy loves crazy so…guess that means my soon to be ex-husband is a little too! And as a crazy girl, all I have left to say is :p

    Thank you for sharing that quote!

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