Coconut Scrub

I am an obsessive person.

What I mean is if I like something, I kind of go over the top. Flip side of the coin? If I don’t like someone, I kind of go over the top. I guess you can’t be obsessive without being a little over the top.

This winter my obsession? Coconut Oil…I love that stuff. I love all things coconut so it was easy to fall in love with coconut oil, the smell, the texture, the way it goes from solid to oil at the touch of your fingers. If you have never tried coconut oil? Go buy some today, and while you are at the store pick up a vanilla bean (or paste) and some ordinary sugar. Then make this scrub, it will change your life…okay it will at least make your skin soft and silky.

My sister is obsessed with it now because she hates feeling sticky from lotion, or oily from normal scrubs. Here you go sweet sister, now you can quit hounding me and make your own.

1/2 Cup Solid Coconut Oil (Any kind ‘works’ I like organic it makes me feel like I’m smarter and cooler than I really am) Make sure it’s solid, you might have to put it in your fridge for a while if it’s too warm and has turned to liquid.

1 Cup White Sugar Plain white sugar, no need to get fancy.

Seeds From 1 Vanilla Pod (or more for extra vanilla aroma) or vanilla paste…I’ve even just used vanilla extract in a pinch. You can add essential oils if you are into them, or add coconut, lemon, grapefruit, peppermint etc…for what ever smell floats your boat.

Use your whisk attachment on your mixer and whip 1/2 cup solid coconut oil for until it is light and fluffy… Make sure you stop every once in a while and scrap down the sides of the bowl, you want it all whipped, every single spoonful. 5-10 minutes will usually whip it up.

Add 1 cup white sugar and the seeds from 1 vanilla bean pod, or whatever scent you want to use. Mix it again for a couple of minutes. Then I try it on my hand, and if I want more of a ‘scrub’ I add more sugar, until it is the texture I like.

When you have it like you want, put it in an airtight container…I use jars. Little jars, big jars, colored jars, depends if I’m making it for me, or sharing. If you want to get crazy you can color it with food coloring, cover the jar lid with material or make personalized tags. It just depends how fancy you want to get.

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5 Responses to Coconut Scrub

  1. Reblogged this on my daily therapy (things that bug me) and commented:
    I’ll try this, I like coconut too 🙂

  2. Coconut oil is a fave of mine!!!! Great scrub idea xo

  3. bamboozled1 says:

    lol, coconut oil reminds me of boys, after culture festivals, ok thats not sooo bad *wink* buttttttttt. after theyve slapped themselves silly with the stuff, then been sweating their asses off up on stage… THEN gone and put their uniforms back on, and all jumped on the bus to go home… the smell just goes eeeeverywhere and its nasty, but youre TRAPPED! lol… *gag* but thats the old school rawww island version, not the nice, gentle, mildly scented refined one everyone is raving about today heh. i tried using it for my ‘curly hair recovery’ but i couldnt get past that smell! heh.

    i juuuust about jacked your post with my random recipes, coz i loves mixing stuff up too. ill go ramble on my own page hehe!

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  5. horsesrcumin says:

    LOVE! As a South Pacific resident, use it all the time, cooking, skin, etc and I love the scrub idea. My youngest made soap with it for her business night enterprise at school, it was AMAZEBALLS – smelt and felt so gorgeous with essential oils and dried flowers, spices, etc.

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