Daddy’s At Home

Lou started school today.

She wasn’t happy, but she was surrounded by her family. Her older two brothers, her daddy and I all took her into her classroom today. It was full of tears and so stinking unbelievable…where the heck does time go?

I watched as her dad sat on the rug with her on his lap listening to her teacher read a story. And it made me want to give a shout out to the whore…

Dear Whore? If you are reading this? Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, I truly and sincerely Thank You!! If not for you being not only a whore, but a crazy lying manipulative whore, my husband would have missed today. If you hadn’t lied to your work, lied to the courts, lied to anyone and every who would listen? He would have more than likely been in Alaska and not holding his daughters hand as she walked into school. If I’m being honest? We would probably be divorced, and my family broken. I might have sent him a picture of Lou on her first day, but I could have been broken, angry and bitter. I could have gotten satisfaction from his missing another first, and the only pictures he would have seen would be photos I tagged his sons in on Facebook. You trying to ruin his life, and pay him back for “what he did to you”? It gave him his life back, it saved his family, and it gave Lou her Daddy’s hand to hold.

For the first time today, as I watched Lou listen to ‘No David’ on her daddy’s lap, I was actually thankful for the Hell you put me through. I was thankful for the lies and the hurt you spread. I was thankful of losing my old life.

Who ever would have thought I’d be thankful for the cancan whore?-

“Wake up Dee Dee is what he would say
Then walk out my door and go start his day
The road so lonesome and the field so alone
To him it felt like his home

He called his wife mama
He called his kids babies
He called us from the phone to tell us
That he may be a little bit late
Maybe two or three days
But the work from the field it still pays”

-Cross Canadian Ragweed-

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7 Responses to Daddy’s At Home

  1. Shelly wright says:

    Love you kel!

  2. brokenjoan says:

    Such a sweet story about Lou & her Daddy, I’m glad she still has his hand to hold! XO Joan

  3. pabloswife says:

    ❀ So pleased he was there with you all to see his baby girl start school.

  4. Full circle πŸ™‚ Beautiful first day of school for a beautiful little girl!

    Being thankful for the injustice in one’s life is really an enlightened view — Kelly, you are one enlightened lady!

    Damn, your husband is one lucky SOB. Not only did he marry the BEST woman for him, he’s got the BEST woman raising his precious little girl. Lou has the BEST mom to teach her how to be a strong, take no shit, kick ass who deserves the moon and stars girl.


  5. horsesrcumin says:

    So happy for you, and a hug for this Lou milestone that is so bittersweet, successfully negotiating a life stage, but momma’s heart pulled and stretched.

    I wsh I could be grateful, Kelly. Jealous really. I had a superb relationship, but an affair didn’t make it better, or him a better father. He was a great partner and dad before he fucked a whore. Now he is just a nice man who fucked a whore, breaking the woman who gave him everything she had. If you had to go through this hell, I am so pleased you at least get a better man, a better marriage and a more enriching life.

    • Jamie says:

      I am sad to say that I am not as lucky as Kelly either. How do we find a happy place after the affair destroyed our wonderful lives? I would be happy to just have an ok place for awhile. The affair turned my wonderful husband into a selfish mean SOB. He hasn’t been the amazing dad he used to be. After almost a year he almost seems to be liking his family again. It is sickening and sad. I will always hate the whore.

      On a positive note. I am so thankful that Lou had her daddy on her first day. Kelly I hope your husband knows what a lucky man he is!! You are an amazing woman and I am so happy that your family is healing.

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