Cowgirls Don’t Cry

I have a confession.

I have been cheating on all of you.

And I am sorry…

I started this blog with a promise to my friends, I will write it to heal, write it to get ALL the anger out, write it to help others, and I will write for a year. At the end of that year? I’m moving on, to another story. At the time I didn’t know if it would be my story of life on the farm, or maybe the story of my daughter. Throughout the last year I have posted about her on Facebook.

I have touched on her in this blog a little, but I have never elaborated on how ‘special’ she is. I’m sure everyone thinks their child is special, but Lou is one of a kind. Part of her being unique is being raised in a world of teenage boys…it makes you tough, it makes you funny, and it makes you a ‘take no crap from no one’ kind of girl. Friends and family enjoy her stories, partly because she doesn’t go home with them at night.

Lou started school this week, and I started another blog. I struggled with whether or not to mention it on here, or to keep my two ‘lives’ separate. Today I decided that to not share it was kind of stupid, it was saying ‘I don’t trust my readers’.

I have another blog, and I felt like I was cheating by not telling you all.

Go check it out if you want to listen to more ramblings from me as a mom.

It has no whores.

It has sweet laughter.

It gives me hope.

Raising A Daughter In A House Of Teenage Boys…

Her daddy gave her her first pony
Then told her to ride
She climbed high in that saddle
Fell I don’t know how many times
He taught her a lesson that she learned
Maybe a little too well

Cowgirls don’t cry, ride, baby, ride
Lessons in life are gonna show you in time
Soon enough you gonna know why
It’s gonna hurt every now and then
If you fall get back on again
 Cowgirls don’t cry”

-Brooks & Dunn-

Read more: Brooks & Dunn – Cowgirls Don’t Cry Lyrics | MetroLyrics


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10 Responses to Cowgirls Don’t Cry

  1. pabloswife says:

    Love it… I have a 4 year old too, teenage boys and a cheating husband! We are sooooooo alike 🙂

  2. brokenjoan says:

    Kelly, thanks for letting us know about your Lou blog, it was so nice to read about your sweet girl! Sadly I don’t have a 4 year old girl, but hey I still have a cheating husband, can I still play with you guys!😜

  3. Lou = positive = light = love 🙂

    I think it’s awesome and, frankly, you are awesome! Can’t wait to follow Lou’s adventures! xxoo

  4. pabloswife says:

    Of course you can Joan 🙂

  5. Jamie says:

    I loved it! Reading about Lou made my day. Thanks for sharing your special girl with us. I look forward to reading more about her adventures. They grow up way too fast!

  6. Sissy says:

    I was raised with 5 brothers, it was a riot and I loved it!

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