For Kelly…

My sweet friend who writes a not so P.G. blog, wrote this on our mutual 20th anniversary. Sometimes I can’t get over how much our lives are alike, and how very fond I am of her. Unlike me she has taken it all (the hurt, the anger, the crazy) and kept her husbands betrayal private. In my humble opinion she took the harder road.

She writes and holds nothing back, she often says what I wish I could say, she is fearless…

The following post made me cry, both with gratitude, and sadness…

He Never Said He Loved Her


Twenty years ago today, in different parts of the world, we both set off down the aisle towards the men we loved.  We were young, we were fearless, we were in love and we believed with all our hearts that our marriages would be special, ours would survive.  We didn’t for one moment believe that infidelity would knock at our doors, but then, what young bride does?  Infidelity was no where near my radar when I said “I do”.  Ours was supposed to be always and forever.

We both loved our husband’s, raised our kids and got on with life. Twenty years and 4 kids later… we are uncannily alike… we both find ourselves wishing we could celebrate the fact that we have been married for 20 years but instead find ourselves mourning the fact that our husband’s cheated on us, mine with a pit faced whore and yours with…

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1 Response to For Kelly…

  1. pabloswife says:

    Not-so-PG-blog?? Moi?? Are you for reals? 😉

    Wish I was fearless. I’d have left his sorry ass when I found out he’d fucked the pit faced whore LOL!!

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