I used to love Karma…

I did, I loved the thought of karma. Loved it…then my husband had an affair, and I started thinking “What did I do to deserve it?” Because karma is all about what you put out into the world coming back to you. It is the boomerang of life, of cosmic justice…if you do bad? Bad shit happens. If you do good? Good things happen.So simple, so easy to follow, just be a good person and you would get a good life.

I stopped believing in karma after the affair came out. I couldn’t because no matter how hard I racked my brain (and trust me I spent hours, days, months, years trying to figure it out) I couldn’t think of one thing I had done to deserve this level of bad shit. I was nice to kids and puppies. I loved old people. I never went out of my way to find drama. I was a good mom. I was a good wife. I lived my life on the straight and narrow. I was the person who would stop and help an older person put groceries in their trunk. I always held the door open for others. I would let people with a couple of items go ahead of me, with my cart full at the check out line. I spent hours crying over dead or dying animals in my lifetime. I loved deeply, and I laughed loudly.


Then a bunch of really bad shit happened, which I really didn’t deserve…

So I stopped believing in karma, couldn’t believe any longer. Karma was bullshit. After the affair? I had no time in my life for bullshit.

But then?

My new endeavor? The one I teased you all about?  The one I’m still not talking about? That one? It made me stop and think maybe there really is karma in this world.

Maybe God every once in a while stops and thinks “Hey you know what would be poetic justice? What would be karma-tic? What would make Kelly giggle again?”

Okay the last one is far-fetched, I’m assuming with all the bad crap in the world God doesn’t really think about my giggles. But I do think he likes to teach people a lesson. This time it wasn’t me but Mrs. Can Can herself…I heard her ex-husband refers to her as his wife again, did those two crazy kids remarry? I don’t know, don’t really care except to question what she wore to the ceremony if they did. Please tell me it was her can can girl outfit…pretty please?

So where was I? Oh yeah my up in the air endeavor and how it brought the whore karma-tic justice.

So the people I have been in talks with, were a little curious about her. In the whore’s defense, I probably made her a little more interesting in my blog than she is in real life, and that made them curious enough to want to contact her. I thought about it, and then I giggled a little, said “sure”. I mean really, I have nothing to hide, everyone knows my story. So I gave them her name, her real name. They contacted her.

They sent her a letter.

I hear she declined to participate in my project.

I wonder what it is like to open your mailbox, and receive a letter that makes you want to scream.

Oh yeah, she sent me one a couple of years ago. I hope she enjoyed her letter as much as I did mine.

Karma…I hear she is a bitch.

“This is the payback from the past
You threw me down like I was just a piece of trash
You gave me cash every week just enough to live
But didn’t get what I deserved instead I was deceived
Still young and didn’t know about this in the street
Of the acts, so crass and shady
Don’t crush your dreamshow and your whole entity
Subliminally you’re on the hire from a slavery
Remember that “What goes around, comes around”
God is watching you and evrything that you do
Do you remember everything that you did before
The way the bad action opens cosmic door
I’ma leave it up to God what he got for you
I’ma leave it up to Him what he got for me
And he’s watching you

Yeah, yeah
Watch out

Ain’t no running from
Karma, and no running
Ain’t no running from
Karma, and no running”

-Black Eyed Peas-

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6 Responses to Karma

  1. pabloswife says:

    Karma is about all I got right now. Sounds as tho karma may be knocking at the can can whore’s door!! Fantastic!!

  2. She (Karma) is the ultimate bitch! Love it!

    Can can = can’t can’t!

  3. Unlike you, I still believe in karma. Even though, like you, I can’t think of a single damn thing I did that was bad enough to deserve this. Karma. What a nasty bitch. The trashy whore in my story sent my husband an email about a year after he ended his affair with her. She said that “some how” (humm, wonder how that happened 😉 ) her ex-husband had found about their affair and told their son. The son called her a “disgusting” and left to live with his dad. He won’t talk to her – at all. Her son told his grandparents, her father is a Southern Baptist minister, and they won’t speak to her until she “turns from her sinning ways and is forgiven by those she hurt”. She complains of being “used and left alone” by more than one man. Nasty. She also complained that none of her past affair partners will talk to her or loan her any money and now she is broke because she is also not getting child support. I read that email and giggled. I did a happy dance. Karma has started her work on this whore, but the whore deserves a lot more misery and unhappiness before I am satisfied.

  4. I questioned also what I did to deserve the hell I’m in- today is not a good day for me I’m 42 days into my hell and that’s just what it is HELL! I’m up I’m down I’m laughing I’m crying – I have a beautiful little boy at home that needs me yet I’m useless- the mother in me is dying.. The beautiful women I was is dying the happy carefree fun loving women after 42 days of hell is slowly fading away and I can grab onto anything to bring me back.. I try really I do. I asked my husband to leave today after 42 days I just need a nite to sit and think and not worry about him.. And the whore and the pictures and the emails and the text message and the videos I just want a break from it all.

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