Stacy’s Mom

I have now blogged 200 times. TWO HUNDRED POSTS….two hundred posts filled with my sadness, my crazy, my tears, my laughter, my ups and downs, and most important? My story, the story of me Kelly and how I survived.

I thought about writing 200 things I’ve learned on this journey, but it’s a crazy week. County show, Lou is sick, and I’m working full time now, so it will have to wait. Then I thought let’s go back to the start, the day I took a deep breath and found my voice.

I like to think “Stacy’s Mom” still has it going on…

Happiness used to live here...surviving an affair

“Testing…Testing… One, Two, Three…is anyone out there?” Deep Breathe Kelly this isn’t rocket science and Lord knows it ain’t the hardest thing you’ve ever done. So here we go my sweet friends, grab my hand tight, I don’t know where we are going to land, All together now..One, Two, THREE JUMP!!!!”

I feel better now so lets begin this journey. I’m surrounded by my friends and while there might be some in the shadows reading this…following me for an entirely different purpose, I am not afraid. Your power over me and my thoughts is over, and while I still struggle to find my Happiness again, I have found MY voice. So you over there…yeah YOU in the shadows with your hate and your lies, keep on moving Honey “ain’t nobody got time for you”.

I have struggled with the decision to write this, to pull back the curtains and let…

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  1. I’m so thankful for you for your blog for all the ladies helping through this hell.

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