Stepping on my soap box for a minute…

Just for a minute, I swear. It’s Homecoming week, and I have cinnamon rolls to bake, posters to make, and  Lou’s annual “Homecoming T-shirt who list all her ‘bubba’s who play” to decorate. So this will be short and sweet…


Not because I didn’t get my brush with fame…I won’t do a Springer like show with Miss CanCan whore.

But because they think infidelity is cool.

They think it’s funny.

They portray it as sexy.

Hollywood makes me want to vomit.

Show’s like ‘Scandal’ and ‘Mistresses’? Where they want you to root for the other woman, where they make the wife either crazy or an unattractive nag. ‘The Other Woman’ was so unrealistic, like I was going to team up with the whore and we were going to go on a wacky funny adventure. Let’s also love the fact that Cameron Diaz played the mistress…bitch please. She should have played the wife, more realistic.

I hate that my ‘Big Bang Theory’ had Lenard cheat, because it’s a comedy and cheating is not funny. It is sad, it hurts, and doesn’t deserve a laugh track.

They had my beloved Jax cheat on ‘Sons of Anarchy’. He not only broke Tara’s heart but mine. I did love scene where Tara beat the other woman’s ass, I’ll admit I rewound and watched it again cheering. Was it realistic? No, most of us betrayed spouses have never laid a finger on those ‘women’, but show me one who didn’t dream about it and I would wonder about their sanity.

What would I say to Hollywood if they cared what I had to say?

“Quit making light of infidelity. Quit telling people it doesn’t hurt anyone. Quit teaching our daughters that it’s cool to be the ‘other woman’. Quit using cheating to get an ‘easy’ laugh. Show it for what it is more…How it shatters families. Destroys good women and men. That it is fucking awful. Please and thank you.”

Just my rant on my soap box this week, my sweet friends.

I’m off to glitter and bedazzle, and do a little baking.

I’m waitin’ on the sun to set ’cause yesterday ain’t over yet
I started smoking cigarettes there’s nothing else to do I guess
Dusty roads ain’t made for walking, spinning tires ain’t made for stoppin’
I’m giving up on love ’cause love’s given up on me

I gave it everything I had and everything I got was bad
Life ain’t hard but it’s too long to live it like some country song
Trade the truth in for a lie, cheating really ain’t a crime
I’m giving up on love ’cause love’s given up on me

Forget your high society, I’m soakin’ it in kerosene
Light ’em up and watch them burn, teach them what they need to learn, ha!
Dirty hands ain’t made for shakin’, ain’t a rule that ain’t worth breakin’
Well I’m giving up on love ’cause love’s given up on me

Now I don’t hate the one who left
You can’t hate someone who’s dead
He’s out there holding on to someone, I’m holding up my smoking gun
I’ll find somewhere to lay my blame the day she changes her last name
Well I’m giving up on love ’cause love’s given up on me
Well I’m giving up on love, hey, love’s given up on me’

Miranda Lambert-

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9 Responses to Kerosene

  1. brokenjoan says:

    Kelly, l understand how you feel, it’s everywhere, tv, movies, books, I also fail to see the humor or glamour in cheating! But that’s just me, a southern girl who believed in good in people, that when you came to a crossroad you’d always think before doing something you know to be wrong! Maybe they should have a reality show & let people see the actual devastation that comes to a family after cheating! And hey I’d love to see you on Jerry Springer beating the shit out of can can, I’d even help you!😂 Love & hugs, Joan

  2. fairytalefailure says:

    Scandal used to be one of our favorite shows to watch. Well, one of mine. And I loved Mellie, and my husband would go on and on about what a scumbag Fitz was and complain about my show. Now it showed up in my DVR and I won’t be watching it again. Because that whole time he was in the midst of his own affair.
    And I didn’t know about Big Bang theory because when I asked what the OW looked like, before I saw her, and he told me she looked like an uglier Amy, and so I haven’t been able to watch it since. That’s when he wanted me to believe that nothing happened between them, and while that may actually be the closest I can think of myself, he still managed to have sex with her, and I can’t watch it.
    There is cheating everywhere- maybe because there is not much else that evokes so much response in viewers. I want to watch a show and not fight back tears. I wonder if that will ever happen.

  3. Ahhh-fricken-men! Hate Hollywood, too. Enjoy Homecoming! Xxoo

  4. horsesrcumin says:

    Masters of Sex. I love it, but it always has triggers, and I could NOT have watched it a few years ago – Virginia’s lover’s wife working out that it was Virginia he was banging this time at a dinner, and the portrayal of the wife as small and needy. I did love how she told her husband that she wasn’t originally like that, that he was attracted to her when she was strong and independent, that his cheating had caused her neuroses, she was still pretty kick-arse, in fact. Not a needy wallflower. At least they did portray that, that relationships are messy, and sometimes good people are ruined along the way…. I also loved Mad Men, and totally loved that Don Draper was a fuck up! Especially since the first couple of seasons he was portrayed as “cool.”

  5. steph208 says:

    That is so true! You are so right. I never really thought about it before. Now all my shows will never be the same, but that is ok. We should stop supporting Hollywood for that. Also I want a cinnamon roll or a tray of them! Love you Kelly and your family!

  6. divorceat25 says:

    You are right. Hollywood wants us to think that your commitment to other people is only valid if they are “nice to you”. If your spouse is the most horrible human in the world then get out, don’t cheat.

  7. You inspired me I need some cinnamon rolls and I totally agree not cool at all I never saw that episode when Tara beats the mistress I am you tubing that right now ❤️

  8. Deservesbetter says:

    I stopped watching alot of shows too. How can you laugh at something on tv that has been so devastating in your own life. However if there is ever a scene where the wife gets up off the couch a slaps her husband with anything I might truly stare at my husband the whole time with a smile ony face. But for now i am off to make muffins you have inspired me and i am not even a great baker!

  9. Lea says:

    My H was never interested in shows I liked but he had no problem watching her shows. He even signed up for Showtime so they could watch the show- the Affair together. So much to be angry about except I know it was him being a fraud version of himself. I too wish that Hollywood would base it on reality. There’s so many shows I can no longer watch or songs i can listen too because of how they glamorize infidelity.

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