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I saw this and I loved it. One of the hardest parts of all this was coming to terms with how awful people can be. It made me paranoid. It made me clam up, and close up the best part … Continue reading

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I Won’t Give Up

Just a thought to ponder. Bad shit happens, just does, and it can’t be undone, avoided or hide from…it happens. It happened to me, maybe it has happened to you. It leaves you weak, and sad, and angry and flipping … Continue reading

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I’m Coming Home

No real breakdowns for almost 3 months, my husband is terrified. You couldn’t ask for a more attentive husband, but lord he is exhausting me. Anytime I am the least bit blue, he feels it and is glued to my … Continue reading

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Hope is hard. Hope used to be easy, as easy as breathing. I Kelly, was an optimist…maybe the last optimist left in Oklahoma. Drought and no grass? “It will rain soon, we will make it till fall” I’d tell my … Continue reading

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