Wanted to repost this for a friend who is struggling. Hang tough my sweet friend, you can find your happy again.

Happiness used to live here...surviving an affair

Over the last year I have changed.

You don’t walk through Hell and come out without a little singe around the edges, and if you come out without third degree burns, and your skin hanging off in flaps? Consider your self lucky, you walked through fire, and lived to tell the tale.

Not all of my changes have been bad, they could have been…I could have walked out bitter and angry, unable to see the light, to forgive, and with hate in my heart. I still have a bunch of issues, and work to do, the damage done was quicker to do than to be undone.

I took a hard road and I believe with all my heart, the road God wanted me to take, and have become a better person. I am not a saint, or a perfect person but I know beyond a doubt, I am a good…

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