Everything That Glitters (Is Not Gold)

Lou’s room has been painted, and then repainted.

The colors were great but the glaze for the purple wall? The one that was supposed to make it glitter and shine? It made it dark and goth, kind of depressing really, and it had to go. No four-year old needs a dark, dreary room, they need bright and light so it was repainted.

Martha Stewart? Your glaze sucked and it sucked up my time and energy. A little research and I found a solution…Wet paint and cheap glitter, then add in a lot of hot air. I am full of hot air so that wasn’t a problem. Sprinkle glitter on a paper plate and blow it into the wet paint. The walls are now bright purple and sparkly.

I have made my peace with my sweet daughter having a sparkly room. I believe the Lord put glitter on the earth for little girls, well and so we can spot whores who refuse to accept the fact that they are old, and getting rather large, and look ridiculous with their love of all things pink and sparkly.

It’s important lesson for us to teach our sons, that just because something/someone sparkles? It doesn’t mean they are gold. Everything that glitters is not gold. It doesn’t mean they are worth anything. And what is gold? What is a diamond? Just metals and rock, something we like cuz they are sparkly. I can cover a cow patty in glitter and make it sparkle but I don’t want it on my finger or in my house.

Hey guys/men just because someone is girly and likes to sparkle doesn’t mean they sparkle on the inside. If a woman has to wear short skirts and high heels to get your attention? She is probably lacking the personality and inner beauty that you are gonna want in a wife. Or as a mom to your children. Or to take home to meet your family. Or for longer than one night. Cuz when that girl goes to take a shower? Off come the short skirt, heels and sparkle and all that’s left is a fat whore, clogging your drain with cheap glitter.

Although today as I’m making a mad dash to town for more supplies and I am sparkly from the flying glitter. I look like a magic fairy finally did fly out of my ass. Which kind of makes me mad…I want my three wishes, or a magic wand. Yes I would only use it for good.

As my sweet Lou would ask “Define Good?”

If you see me in town please don’t mistake me for a whore, I’m just a paint and glittered covered mom. Slightly crazy, really tired but still working on Lou’s room.

“And, oh the crowds will always love you,
But, as for me, I’ve come to know,
Everything that glitters is not gold.”

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7 Responses to Everything That Glitters (Is Not Gold)

  1. pabloswife says:

    I bet you look amazing running around town spreading glitter as you move kinda like a magical fairy rather than a princess or a whore!! I’m sure Lou’s room will be the perfect room for your sparkly baby girl 🙂

    • Lol oh yes I looked amazing. Like a forty year old woman who borrowed her 13 year old daughters glittery body lotion 🙂 When Lou was about 2 1/2 when she said “sparkling” it sounded like “fucking” and my sister bought her some sparkly lip gloss. She walked up to her dad and asked “where’s my fucking lip gloss?” He promptly brought her to me and said “Ask your mom.” She asked me “Where’s my fucking lip gloss?” In walks my oldest son, so I had her ask him. Finally it hit me and I said “Your sparkling lip gloss?” To which she sighed and said “That’s what I said my fucking (sparkly) lip gloss!!”

      My boys had more fun with that then any other stage 🙂

  2. Jamie says:

    I wanted to start by saying THANK YOU for blogging!! I stumbled upon your blog last night and stayed up reading it, crying, rereading, and crying some more. For the first time since my dreaded D day I don’t feel so alone. I am so sorry that you had to go through this. You are an inspiration to me. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for sharing your story.
    We moved across the country for my husband’s job. He came earlier than my children and I. I stayed behind to pack and sell the house. He admitted in October to a 2 month affair. We are trying to move forward from this nightmare. We are still here in this dreaded place. I know no one. I have no friends and no family. This place is full of triggers and sadness for me. Most of the time I feel like I am completely losing my mind. Our oldest daughter is away at college. She is so sad and angry with her father. I am not sure she will ever forgive him. If she doesn’t I am not sure how I will. Like you, my children come first. I will always choose them.

    This past weekend was awful for me. I was in a really bad place when I found your blog. It gave me hope. It also gave me strength to push through. Thanks again!!

    • I’m not sure I’m inspiration material 🙂 but I’m glad you found comfort and a familiar voice in my blog.

      I’m sorry you are struggling, and my heart breaks for your daughter. Watching my children go through this was horrible, it’s a hurt you can’t kiss away or put a Dora bandaid on and make better. It’s gonna take time and a lot of work on your husbands part to fix what he broke in her. I hope he can because every girl deserves a dad.

      Triggers…aren’t they fun? I handle them better but still 20 months later suffer from them. Just today I made a bitchy comment to my husband, after he made me lunch and brought me a piece of apple pie. Difference between now and a year ago? I apologized instead of blaming the affair. I’ve learned to control the triggers instead of letting them control me.

      Hugs to you my sweet friend. You are not alone.

  3. pabloswife says:

    UGH Jamie… so sorry to hear what you are going thro! My kids and I moved cross country too after my husband landed a job here. Less than a year later he had an affair with a coworker. Like you, I found out about it this past October. I too am stuck in a dreadful town where I know no one, have no friends and a place that is now full of triggers!! You are not losing your mind, your heart has been broken! Stay strong and take each day as it comes, and remember, you may be lonely in the real world, but you will never be short of a friend here. xx

  4. whorehater says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I can’t even begin to tell you how much your words of encouragement mean to me. I am doing my best to not let this define me. We can do this ladies! We didn’t deserve this but we can survive this.

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